Transform your engineering career and your company 


Simpler processes

Less Stress

Increased Profit 

If you’d like to design, manufacture and sell market leading products in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, with a fraction of the effort and stress, then reading this letter will become one of the best investments you can make in your business. 


Becoming an industry-leading business, with market leading products requires a shift away from old ‘traditional’ habits. The old way of doing business means you jump into product design, flying by the seat of your pants, and not really understanding how to avoid downstream problems and costs that are likely to come back and bite you, and dissatisfy customers. 

That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in LEAN DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING 

The system we provide helps you follow an effective structured design approach that some of the better automotive companies follow; that isn’t taught at Uni; and that most small-medium manufacturers aren’t exposed to. 

This structured approach allows you to design and manufacture products in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional practices, because it means that many costly ‘poor assumptions’ are replaced with facts early in the design process. It avoids expensive, yet common ‘trial and error’ design mistakes. 

This doesn’t mean design engineers are careless… it just means that they haven’t been taught a better way. 

As the Engineer myself, I made many of these trial and error mistakes, costing the company I initially worked for a significant amount of money, and causing them and me a significant amount of embarrassment as I tried to rectify customer problems in the field. 

This is what put me on a passionate path to ‘get it right first time’ in the future…and to design this course to help other designers and companies do the same. 

I’ve actually been in the trenches, working for a number of companies in roles such as a Design Engineer, Quality Manager, Engineering Manager, Business Improvement Manager, as well as working as an Engineering Management Consultant. 

My expertise regarding product design and manufacturing process has grown over the years. That’s why I’ve even been engaged as an Expert Witness in legal cases related to this subject. 

And through all that, here is the most important discovery I can share with you…

In comparison to following a traditional design process and fixing all the mistakes later…. 

With the right design process strategy… 

…it’s easier to design and manufacture 

a quality product 

that satisfies the customer requirements 

In Less time 

With less stress 

At less cost… 

And improve competitiveness and profitability at the same time 

Toyota's product development system enables them to bring the highest quality products to market faster, and manufacture them more efficiently than most of the industry.Toyota's product development system is able to bring a product to market at just a fraction of the time required by their competitors. (SAE International, By James Morgan, Vice President, Troy Design and Manufacturing)

A new generation of much-needed graduate engineers and technology leaders will be educated at the Dyson School of Design Engineering. (Imperial College London, by Caroline Davis, Tom Miller, Martin Sayers, Colin Smith)

Caterpillar’s reputation is built on producing quality products, and these products provide a competitive advantage. The product development process focuses on bringing a concept to production to meet or exceed target levels for quality, reliability, cost and schedule. (Peoria Magazines, by Heather McBroom, Caterpillar Inc.)

This is particularly true when the design process is coupled with Lean Manufacturing principles and practices. 

That’s where Lean Design for Manufacturing co-founder Dennis Keay’s primary expertise lies. 

Dennis has over 25 years Lean Manufacturing practical experience with a wide range of companies and industries. 

SEM Fire and Rescue was going down the gurgler, with serious threat of collapse. They were suffering from antiquated practices. Pierre Sidorow was then appointed as General Manager. 

SEM F&R, Pierre and his team participated in one of Dennis' Lean Logic workshops. Under Pierre’s leadership, SEM Fire & Rescue has been applying the Lean philosophy across the company and it is now growing rapidly and healthily.

They’ve made some simple and rapid changes to turn SEM around. In just 3 hours they reduced a frequent task from 60 min down to 1 min – a 98% reduction in time. 

They’ve made several such dramatic and lasting changes that have taken less than 24 hours to implement, with no capital investment!. 

That's great for big companies but


I recently met with a medium sized and rapidly growing business that manufacture their own range of construction machinery. Until now they had survived without a dedicated engineering manager to instil standardised, efficient processes, but that survival came at a cost. 

Each of their 8 engineers had their own 'way of doing things' when it came to developing products. They had developed bad habits and without anyone to oversee, they had taken the path of least resistance in their processes, missing out on many critical factors. As manufacture ramped up, it was being crippled by quality issues, traceability issues, drawing issues, production and design rework. . . . Sound familiar?? 

The mistake they made was in not starting right when they were small. A foundational concept in Lean Design For Manufacturing is to 'do it right, first time'. How many hours, days or months do you think those successful big companies have put in over the years trying to fix their ineffective and inefficient processes? 

Small businesses have an immense advantage in that they can benefit from the hindsight of those big companies, take action now and leap-frog their way to success. 


Those who decide to stay with their ‘old school’ business model of following an ad hoc design process are finding it harder and harder to keep up. They continue to hope that their customers will come back and buy again. But you and I both know that ‘hope’ is never a good business model. 

Plus, with the traditional approach, designers are left to make poor assumptions with each design; quality problems and rework become the norm; and profits continue to be eroded. That’s stressful for all concerned and doesn’t develop the engineering talent and capabilities within the business. 

So why now is the perfect time for 


Early adopters of Lean Design for Manufacturing principles and practices develop a UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over their competitors. 

They can deliver superior product to market in less time, and at less cost than their competitors. At the same time, they can re-invest the time and cost savings into new products to grow their business. Also, the business becomes more manageable with less fire-fighting and stress, and employees benefit from improved professional development and job satisfaction. 


Modular, prefabricated buildings are designed with the manufacturing process in mind. They allow more of the build process to be completed off-site in a factory where conditions and materials can be better controlled. Also build access and tools and equipment use can be optimised.

Volkswagon's MQB platform provides a standard base for up to 20 different vehicle brands and models including Audi, Seat and Skoda. This standardisation reduces processes, machinery, tooling, inventory, storage, spare parts and allows more flexibility in production

Flat-pack furniture - When the final stage of your manufacturing process is actually in the hands of your customer then design for manufacturing is critical to customer experience, product lifecycle and customer retention

And this is only just scratching the surface. 

Lean Design for Manufacturing practices apply to any manufacturing business, but...

If you’re one of these three types of people, then 


You will rapidly develop structured design skills that will set you well apart from your peers and enhance your career development prospects.


You’ll perform much better because you’ll have a structured process to follow. There will be less ‘assumptions’ that you’ll have to make, and you’ll have much better ‘control’ of the project and project success. 

This all leads to greater job satisfaction, and as part of your professional development, leads to improved career path prospects. 

Your staff will be able to follow a structured and standardised process, so there will be greater certainty and confidence in product design, costings, and timings, and ultimately, greater profitability with less fire-fighting, cost blowouts and stress.


This is because it will make your life easier, and will enable you and your business to stand out. You will get the jump on your competitors if you delve into Lean Design for Manufacturing before your competitors do. 

What’s the catch with 


The ability to benefit from Lean Design for Manufacturing (LDFM) relies on only one important factor: 

Commitment by the business to follow the process. This is because LDFM is actually a ‘team sport’, and requires inputs from various parts of the business. 

The level of benefit depends on the level of commitment of the team, and ideally, this needs to be supported from the top

But with what we’ll teach you in the LDFM course, astute managers and leaders will see the benefits and results and drive commitment through the company. 

Just imaging how it will feel to see design and manufacturing departments working hand-in hand together with sales and marketing…with common goals. 

Imagine products being designed and manufactured within budget and according to schedules, with no fire-fighting, rework or quality issues. 

Imagine developing products faster than your competitors and for a fraction of the cost. 

Imagine how satisfied your customers will be, and the impact on repeat business. 

Imagine how all this translates into better profitability and cashflow for the business, as well as being a better, less stressful place to work. 

That’s what Lean Design for Manufacturing is all about. 

I’m passionate about this because I know it works. 

But how can I be so confident? 

For years I was in a very unique position and… 

My frustrations and embarrassment led me on a search for a better way, and I made several discoveries along the way… 


The tools are available and they work… 

…but it requires the right type of leadership and foresight from the top to enable the business to achieve outstanding results. 

There are essentially three types of business managers...

Entrepreneurial managers who are committed to driving constant improvement and ‘best practice’ across their business. 

Managers who follow ‘traditional practices’ and wait for others to set the trends, then try to play ‘catch up’ as they’re being left behind. 

Old-school managers who believe they ‘know best’, are resistant to change, and do it ‘their way’. 

Committed to Business-wide Continuous Improvement

Commitment to Improvement in Limited Areas Only


We’ve tested this discovery


It’s about changing mindsets and behaviours. 

Without commitment from the leadership of the organisation, there can still be significant gains if key individuals are driving improvements, but the effects may not be sustainable if it doesn’t become part of the organisation’s ‘way we do business’. 

Are you the sails, catching the winds of change

. . or are you the anchor, holding back progress!

Lean Design for Manufacturing 


Even if they outsource the manufacturing 


Engaged with a machinery design and manufacture company and their subcontract fabrication supplier it quickly became obvious that poor collaboration was crippling both parties. Any normal silo wall between two departments looked like a white picket fence compared to the battlements that had been built up between this designer and subcontractor. 

Most of the issues that the subcontract fabricator were experiencing stemmed from design issues but the machinery designer was not interested in taking design advice from a subcontractor – their contract, their problem. This was costing the subcontractor in quality issues, longer than budgeted lead times and late delivery penalties. But it was also costing the machinery manufacturer in terms of subsequent quality issues, production delays and overheads spent policing quality.

One of the simplest projects I have ever been involved in, 30 minutes talking to the operators in the subcontract fabricators factory floor highlighted a handful of minor design changes on one particular product. Changes that not only solved the manufacturing problems but actually improved the design. The subcontractor was not only able to meet quality, cost and lead time targets, we were actually able to suggest potential cost savings of 20% per product which was equivalent to $350k per year for the machinery manufacturer. 

Needless to say after that, both companies were very keen to learn more about Lean Design For Manufacturing.

And now I’d like to share the 


You've read this far so you know deep down that something has to change for you. So what are your options? 

  • Call a consultant to be told what you are supposed to be doing with less focus on the how or why (also, you are not special . . . they say the same thing to all the companies!)  
  • Take your team on a training course – maybe learn 10 things but only 1 that is relevant right now. Then spend the next week or two catching up on the time missed instead of implementing the learning 
  • Buy or upgrade your software tools, PLM, PDM, ERP, MRP, CAD, ABCDE… Software is a solution accelerator, not a stand-alone solution. You can still burn your dinner just as easily in a top of the range cooker. 

This LDFM First Steps Program has been carefully structured to:

  • Focus more on the people than the process (trust me the DFM tools are the easy bit). It is about implementing and managing personal, professional and business change and getting results 
  • Follow the natural sequence of improvement implementation in a stage by stage, step by step process 
  • Be manageable, segmented into easy to handle, manageable to implement, scheduled, bitesized chunks 
  • Be supported, similar to university, lectures just deliver information but it's the tutorials or in our case the webinars, group sessions and one to one support where the actual learning and understanding is developed and instilled  
  • Be flexible to the pressures individual to each business 
  • Deliver the results you and your business need, not necessarily what the ‘experts’ think you need 
  • Deliver foundational level improvement and an evolution in your product development 


LDFM First Steps is a six week progam that gives you the clarity and confidence to start making improvements to your Product Design Process that will enable you to increase productivity, profitability and competitiveness. 

It will enable you to get your products to market faster and easier with less cost, headaches and stress. 

It will also enable you to reduce rework and warranty issues. 

Specifically, this course is based around the 4 core strategies for long-term success. Starting with… 

1. Your Foundation Strategy

It’s about working out where you are at and where you need to be – what gets measured gets improved 

  • You will benchmark your current performance through a process of reviews and health checks and that means getting under the surface and understanding what bad habits are being overlooked 
  • You will look at your market, how your customer's wants and needs and how your competitor’s tactics need to shape your development process 
  • You will look at your own company’s values and objectives and how they impact on your development process 
  • You will identify all stakeholders, internal and external customers and their requirements of your development process 
  • You will perform a gap analysis to understand what and how you need to improve 

2. Your Information Strategy

In the business model of creating and selling products, product development is a key process step in the system. As with any process, it receives inputs from previous steps and delivers outputs to subsequent steps. The system does not work if inputs are not received or outputs not delivered. 

So what are the inputs to your product develop process? 

The simple answer is: Information. Your engineering department receives information in the form of market research, customer specifications, legislative requirements, engineer’s education, manufacturing process capabilities, supplier data etc. Your engineers process this information into product designs and production data. 

When you realise how critical information input into the department is, you can understand the importance of a comprehensive strategy to obtain, manage and disseminate this information. 

3. Your Design Strategy

If your foundation strategy is looking at what you want to achieve, your design strategy focuses on how you go about achieving it. How you approach design depends very much on you market, your resources, your profit margins and many other factors and this is why the one size fits all approach doesn’t work 

The fundamentals are still there however, the three primary manufacturing objectives of low cost, fast lead time and high quality. Using the design for manufacturing tools is the most efficient and effective way to achieve these objectives. 

Your design strategy needs to incorporate design for manufacturing but balanced, according to your business objectives, with all the other factors impacting your design process. 

4. Your Implementation Strategy

A common phrase thrown about in terms of implementing improvement is ‘managing change’ in fact you are managing the people who create change. This is no truer than in the engineering department. There are lots of useful tools, CAD software used to store and visualise information for example and these tools are becoming more intelligent. The real value adding information processing happens however in the minds of the engineers. 

You could train almost anyone to operate a drill for example and they would produce the same hole. You couldn’t train anyone to innovate and expect the same quality of ideas. 

For that reason, implementing change in an engineering department requires more than just control and monitoring. It requires a considered, focused strategy 

How does the


 All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in a members only website. You'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released. 

Each module is comprised of several short video lessons. Downloadable audio versions, transcripts and lesson summaries are also provided so that no matter how you like to learn, we have your covered. 

You will be supported 


The LDFM training is very step-by-step but it’s natural to have questions. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you’ll be supported the whole way. 

We have weekly live online coaching sessions where you can ask questions and hear answers to questions and comments that other participants have. 

This is about you getting results and building massive momentum…and we’re not going to let any questions slow you down. 

That’s why every week as the course is being released, I will also hold live office hours. 

So as you go through the materials and if you have any questions about your specific issue, you’ll be able to get the clarity you need for applying everything you (or your team) are learning. 

Plus, if you’re ever stuck and need an immediate answer, you’ll be able to refer to our FAQ vault which contains answers to the most common questions that others ask. 

Everything you need will be at your fingertips.

To be clear, we’re not throwing you some random tactics. We’re handing you a system. 

It’s based on over three decades of real-world ‘in the trenches’ experience and expensive hard earned lessons, research and testing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. 

And it's based on hours researching and studying what the ‘big end of town’ has done to optimise product design to minimize time to market, production costs and product life-cycle costs.  


This course is primarily for Engineers, Product Designers, and Engineering Managers, and is also directly relevant to graduate engineers. 

Because it’s about getting the right product to market in minimum time, much of the content is also relevant to marketing personnel and those responsible for business improvement. 

Here is my question for you… 

Are you ready to take a step into a bigger vision? Are you ready to step up in your career and lead your business into a game-changing, more prosperous future? Are you ready to create a business that is easier to manage, with less fire-fighting, headaches and stress? Are you ready to make your business the ‘benchmark’ in your industry and the employer of choice? 

If you know that anything is possible with the right strategy, the right support and total focus and commitment, then this is for you. 


It’s not for the complacent business owner or manager who is comfortable with the way things are. 

It’s not for the type of person who thrives on firefighting and wants to be a hero by fixing problems that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. 

It is not for the maverick who wants to fly by the seat of their pants and reinvent the wheel instead of following a structured system. 

It’s not for the Money Magician 

You know who I’m talking about, right? This is the person who thinks that just by buying a course, millions of dollars are going to magically start rolling into their bank account. It takes a commitment to learn and actually requires action. You have to implement. 

If you apply what you learn, you will get results. But the results won’t come just because you bought the course. You have to actually use what you learn. 

It’s not for the Mr or Ms Know It All… 

…the type of person who already thinks they know everything there is to know, about business and product design. 

What we’ll be sharing with you works. So if you are someone who likes to focus on why something “wouldn’t work”, then this is not for you either. 

I’ve said it before, this is NOT business as usual, it is NOT common practice, and it is NOT what they teach at University! In fact, some of it may initially appear counter intuitive. You have to be open to what we are sharing otherwise it’s going to be a frustrating experience for both of us. 

The LDFM course is for people who are committed to working with their colleagues to completely transform their business by applying leading edge world-class practices. If the commitment isn’t there, then this is NOT the right program for you, and I ask that you please do not sign up.

Will this 


If you’ve read this far, then I know that you’re serious but there could be a few thoughts running through your mind. Things like… 

“I don’t have enough time for something else.” 

The last thing you and I want is something else on our to-do list. That’s where the LDFM course is unique. With years of experience in Product Design and Engineering Management, I know exactly how busy and demanding the job can get, and how time poor you become. I know what works for busy Engineers and Managers. 

That’s why the entire course has been intentionally structured to help you absorb and apply the content in bite-size chunks, and get time-saving results fast

“How is this different from other courses?” 

Dennis and I both have Mechanical Engineering degrees and Masters of Engineering degrees from different universites…so I know that universities don’t actually teach what we need in industry. 

So, after early mistakes and frustrations in my engineering career I went searching for a course such as ours, so that I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel…and was surprised that I couldn’t find a similar course of this nature ANYWHERE! 

I spent ages trawling through technical books and websites, and found odds and ends of tools and information scattered amongst them. But nothing that was concise and wraps it all together…and virtually nothing about the hugely important design process as a whole with business management and profitability in mind. The closest thing I could find that incorporated the bigger picture of business process improvement and cutting unnecessary costs was Lean Manufacturing

It was during my search that I discovered Dennis Keay, a Lean Manufacturing expert and trainer, a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of practical and consulting experience who became my mentor in Lean Manufacturing. 

It was after this that we decided to form Lean Design for Manufacturing, and create this course with small-medium manufacturers and people like you in mind. 

So, really, this course is different from others because, after significant research, it’s the only one of its kind that we know about, with a very practical and results oriented focus

You don’t have to try to reinvent the wheel or search far and wide to find something that works. Just follow the blueprint that’s been proven to work. 

And don’t forget, I’ve been applying the LeanDFM principles and processes myself, so it’s coming from someone who’s been there done that. It’s not just theory or training for the sake of training. 

“I don’t want to create another job for myself.” 

Me neither! That’s why we’ve created in the course in a way that is designed to avoid overwhelm and help you get the results that will save you time, reduce firefighting, and make life easier. 

“I always gets stuck on the technology.” 

The good news is that we are talking about introducing simple principles and processes, NOT about computer programs and new equipment and technology. 

And with the online delivery of the course and coaching, any engineer, manager or designer who can open an email will have no problem with the technology.  

What is a Simple, Structured Design and Manufacturing Process Really 


Let’s talk about the value of this course, the tuition, and what this course will be worth to you. 

What is it worth to you and your business? 

How much time and money would you save if you ‘got it right first time’ and avoided costly redesign and rework? 

How much money would you save if you could avoid warranty problems? 

How much firefighting and stress would it save? 

How much more job satisfaction would you and your colleagues achieve? 

How much more time and capacity would all of the above create that could be devoted to developing and selling more products? 

What is it worth to you as an individual in terms of career development, job satisfaction and pride in being at the forefront of your industry, leading the way and breaking new ground? 

What is it worth to be able to incorporate the tools and know-how that till now have only been the province of the ‘big-boys’ like the large automotive and aeronautical mnufacturers? 

What is it worth to you to reduce the likelihood of product defects, recalls, and personal liability? 


What is it worth to your clients? 

How would they feel about purchasing more reliable products? 

How would they feel about getting their product on-time? 

How would you stand out if you could deliver quicker, with a better product than your competitors? 

Would they be inclined to make repeat purchases? 

What would all the above do to your profitability, cashflow and competitiveness?

What would it be like to essentially have an ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition? 

You Do Have Options. 


If you think about all the other ways you can learn about simplifying and growing your business, from applying to schools and trying to get your MBA (at a cost of thousands of dollars), to hiring consultants (often thousands of dollars a day), to the school of hard knocks and trying to figure everything out on your own. 

Especially when you realise that applying Lean DFM can help reduce the likelihood of product recalls and personal liabilities. 

I mean, you can do all these things if you want to, but I’m pretty sure that none of them come with a money back guarantee. But the Lean DFM course does. 

You know, I understand you may have been burned by flashy promises before, but I want you to know this…that is not who we are. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve results. 

We stand firmly behind everything we offer in our business, and the same goes for your investment in this course. 


$2,997 USD 

Foundation member 

$597 USD

6 Core LeanDFM Modules ($1,197 Value) 

6 Live Question & Answer Webinars ($597 Value)

6 Weeks On-Call Coaching Support ($597 Value)

1 Years Access to Online Materials ($297 Value) 

6 Module Transcripts ($120 Value)

Access to LeanDFM Practitioners Commuity 

Bonus #1 Downloadable Tools & Templates ($189 Value)

Bonus #2 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

 Total Value: $2,997 

1 Payment of $597 USD for the Online Workshop 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or e-mail us. We are happy to help! 

Payment methods accepted: Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again… 

If you follow what I’m going to show you, you’ll make progress— and that’s why I guarantee it with a… 

“You’re Fully Covered” Guarantee 


Go through the first month of the course, including coaching calls. If that doesn’t produce results for you, I want to give your money back. 

Here’s why… 

Over the years we’ve been applying the tools and principles and coaching and consulting, and we know what works. 

And most importantly, I’ve personally been in the trenches, and I know how much this course will be able to help you. 

Together, Dennis and I have invested thousands of hours researching the market and mastering this craft. We’ve spent many thousands of dollars of our own money in our own professional development to solve the type of business problems you are now facing… testing and tweaking the strategies that make all the difference. 

These strategies have produced tremendous results. So, we know that when applying what we teach you, you’ll achieve results and be able to see the tremendous potential value of the course on your business. So, you’ll quickly see a solid return on your investment and want to continue with the remainder of the course and coaching sessions. And, if you don’t…then we want you to get your money back, because it’s the right thing to do, and our credibility is on the line. 

And that’s why it’s backed with a 

Here's how the guarantee works… 

Go through the modules we release during the first 30 days. If you don’t love it, e-mail me at any time during the first thirty days, show me that you are doing the exercises, and we’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund. 

By the way– I ask you to send me your work because I know if you implement what we teach, you will get results. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing without doing anything, you and I both know you won’t make any progress. We're not interested in spending energy supporting "tyre kickers"…and hopefully this isn’t you. 

Our LeanDFM community will be made up of people who take their business seriously. People who understand the value of taking action and what that means to their long-term success. These are people I know will succeed with LeanDFM. People who are committed to serving their customers and building a thriving business. 

That’s why we want you to go through the course for 30 days, implement what we share with you and begin experiencing the benefits. We are convinced that this Lean DFM approach is the most complete system for producing stable and predictable results in your business…and we can’t wait to help you achieve that. 


Fair Warning: The ‘Foundation Member’ Introductory Pricing and Bonuses

Apply Only to this First Course 


There is a specific reason the registration period for the Lean DFM course is only available for a short period of time. 

Because there will be a weekly group coaching session after each module is released, it is important that everyone is on the same page. So like a college or university, enrolment is only open for a short period of time. Then we shift gears to focus our energy on teaching, supporting and helping you make progress. 

That’s why it’s important you know that the registration period ends at 11:59 PM CDT on Thurs 18th Oct 2018 . You must register before this time. There will be no exceptions and no re-opens. 

Just know this… 

There Has Never Been a Better Time 


You have the chance to transform your business and get the jump on your competitors. This will put you at a distinct advantage. 

How would you feel if you don’t take this opportunity, while your competitors do, and they get the jump on you while you’re left behind? 

You’d be kicking yourself while you’re still firefighting, throwing money down the drain through inefficiency and rework, and giving your competitors an unnecessary head start and competitive advantage. 

To make the progress you want for your business, you’ve got to break old-fashioned ways and adopt leading-edge best practice. The way you’re going to do that is by investing in this program. We’re going to walk you through, step-by-step, what you need to know, and how to apply it. Just like we have with Anthony Gardiner. 

“Applying Lean Manufacturing and Design for Manufacturing techniques enabled us to better than halve our production time and doubled our profitability! 

Dennis and Declan really know their stuff.” 

Anthony Gardiner - Former MD TAG

And as you look to make a decision, just know this… 


Your time is valuable. And the more pressure there is on that time, the more value your time becomes.

But that creates tension. And you will continue to feel the tension unless you find a way to incorporate more leverage into everything you do. You and I both know that you can’t produce more time, you can only use it more effectively. 

But you can make a shift. You can shift away from an outdated business model that makes you feel you can never keep up…and commit to a business model that will allow you to leverage your time, and serve your business and your customers in a better way. 

Ask yourself this...

What is important in your life right now? 

What do you want to achieve in the months ahead? 

What personal goals have you that keep getting pushed to the back burner because you’re always too busy firefighting and fixing problems that should not have occurred in the first place? 

You have an opportunity to do something about that right now. Today. 

I Will BE Here to Support You 


The Lean DFM program will help you create far more leverage in your business than you could expect. 

So if you want to transform your business, then I invite you to say “Yes”. Yes to more leverage. Yes to a simpler business with greater profits and less stress. Yes to more satisfied and loyal customers. 

Let this be the beginning of your journey. 

I look forward to being your guide a long way. Click the button below and register now. I’ll see you inside the program. 


6 Core LeanDFM Modules ($1,197 Value)  

6 Live Question & Answer Webinars ($597 Value)  

6 Weeks On-Call Coaching Support ($597 Value)  

1 Years Access to Online Materials ($297 Value)  

6 Module Transcripts ($120 Value)  

Access to LeanDFM Practitioners Commuity


Bonus #1 Downloadable Tools & Templates ($189 Value)  

Bonus #2 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


Total Value: $2,997 

1 Payment of $597 USD for the Online Workshop 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or e-mail us. We are happy to help! 

Payment methods accepted: Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


? What is the Lean DFM First Steps Program? 

The Lean DFM First Steps Program is a six week training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to implement improvement in your engineering design focused around Lean Engineering and Design For Manufacturing. Improvement that will result in lower production costs, shorter lead times, fewwer quality issues, higher profit and happier customers.

? How is the Lean DFM course different from other courses? 

This course is different from others because it’s the only one of its kind focused on the product design process with a very practical and results oriented focus. It is based on real industrial experience and has been fine tuned in real industrial application. It’s coming from someone who’s been there done that and isn't just theory or training for the sake of training.

? Is the Lean DFM Course for me? 

This course is primarily for Engineers, Product Designers, and Engineering Managers, and is also directly relevant to graduate engineers. It is for people who are committed to working with their colleagues to completely transform their business by applying leading edge world-class practices.

? How is the Lean DFM Course delivered? 

All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in a members only website. Each module is comprised of several short video lessons. Downloadable audio versions, transcripts and lesson summaries are also provided to accomodate all learning styles.

? How much time will it take to go through the course? 

LeanDFM First Steps is a six week program, however we encourage you to learn at your own pace after each module is released. You have a full year to access the materials.

? Is there support as I go through the course? 

The LeanDFM system is very step-by-step but it's natural to have questions. That's why we've gone to great lengths to ensure you'll be supported the whole way. I'm not going to let any questions hang you up from getting results which is why every week, as the course is being released, I will also hold live office hours. So as you go through the materials and you have questions about your specific applications, you'll be able to get the clarity you need for applying everythng you (or your team) are learning.

? What are my payment options? 

Payment can be made via Paypal or any of the following cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, American Express

? When do need to register by? 

The First Steps registration period closes at 11:59pm CDT on Thurs 18th October 2018

There is a specific reason the registration period is only available for a short period of time. I like spending more of my time serving my audience vs. promoting to my audience. So like a college or university, enrolment is only open for a short period of time. Then we shift gears to focus our energy on teaching, supporting and helping you create a thriving membership site.

? How does the guarantee work? 

Go through the modules we release during the first 30 days including the coaching calls. If you don’t love it, e-mail me at any time during the first thirty days, show me that you are doing the exercises, and we’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund. 

? I have other questions, comments and thoughts. How can I reach support? 

We would be happy to support you. Email us at Our aim is to answer each question as quickly as possible.

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